Applications of PHP

The topic of our discussion today is the applications of PHP. We will take a detailed look at them. But first, let’s briefly explain the purpose of PHP.

What is the purpose of PHP?

Personal Home Page (old name) or Hypertext Preprocessor (new name) is a short abbreviation for PHP. Yes, it is peculiar because it does not correspond to the name. Easily said, it’s an open-source server-side scripting language. Its principal application is the creation of web applications. It’s called a scripting language since it’s a program that uses lines of code to create a script. They are written with the intention of automating tasks.

In addition, it’s an open-source language, which means you have complete access to the language’s source code. In the case of PHP, you may go to the Hypertext Preprocessor website and look at how it was created.

PHP Applications

Websites and Web-Based Applications

Nowadays, every online page/application should provide 3 things – customizability, good user interface, and work well with database systems. Sound difficult and complicated? Not with PHP. It offers an excellent solution to achieve them.

WCMS (Web Content Management Systems)

We can also use PHP to manage the content of a website. Templates, libraries, and a session management system are all included in many Hypertext Preprocessor frameworks. These allow you to manipulate and handle data according to your specific requirements.

You can develop a modest static website or a large content-based website using these features.

Facebook, Word Press, Drupal, and other popular websites serve as excellent examples of web content management systems.

Applications for E-Commerce

Sure enough, one of the most important things for a company is to have a well-built enterprise e-commerce application. That means, in this situation, PHP would be the most suitable to use. Why? Because it can be used to develop a good application for the company’s needs. For example, CakePHP and CodeIgniter are best suited for developing an enterprise application. And an example of famous companies made on this principle is Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc.

Graphic design and image processing

We use PHP for image processing in addition to managing text information. Rotating, cropping, resizing, producing thumbnails, adding watermarks, and generating output images in several formats, including jpeg, gif, wbmp, xpm, and png, are all possible with image processing libraries like the GD library, Imagine, and ImageMagick integrated into PHP applications. This functionality is a must-have for creating trustworthy websites and web applications.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is popular in web development. This is because it has so many applications. Most popular of them are e-commerce, website and web-based applications, WCMS, and graphic design and image processing.

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