bookmark_borderApplications of PHP

The topic of our discussion today is the applications of PHP. We will take a detailed look at them. But first, let’s briefly explain the purpose of PHP.

What is the purpose of PHP?

Personal Home Page (old name) or Hypertext Preprocessor (new name) is a short abbreviation for PHP. Yes, it is peculiar because it does not correspond to the name. Easily said, it’s an open-source server-side scripting language. Its principal application is the creation of web applications. It’s called a scripting language since it’s a program that uses lines of code to create a script. They are written with the intention of automating tasks.

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bookmark_border​Update the PHP Version of your WordPress Site

The process of updating the PHP Version of your WordPress Site is relatively easy and mostly depends on the hosting provider. Before you do it, perform a backup, check what is the current version, see to what date it is supported, and do you really need to update already. Then follow the instructions below.

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