bookmark_borderGetting started with PHP and Dynamic DNS

Today we will explore the relationship between PHP and Dynamic DNS. So, first, we will explain what DDNS is and then the significance of PHP. The next step is to see where they meet each other and show how they perform.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) – What is it?

Dynamic Domain Name System is sometimes known as Dynamic DNS (DDNS). It’s a fantastic approach to automatically and frequently update your name server. When IP addresses change, so do the A (IPv4), and AAAA (IPv6) records that are associated with them. You don’t have to spend the time and energy conducting this process manually.

Internet service providers frequently change client IP addresses (ISPs). Thus, they have a big problem managing them to ensure they don’t run out. An IP address is required for each device that connects to the network.

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bookmark_borderGet IPv4 address with PHP explained

Do you know how to get an IPv4 address with PHP from a host? No. Now It is your time to learn it and start using it in your code. It is very simple, don’t worry.


We can get the IP address of the user with $_SERVER in PHP. The information about the user and its activities could help us for security or marketing purposes. 

The most basic way to collect this information in PHP is with REMOTE_ADDR. The answer will be the IP address of the user that is currently on the webpage.

Example code:

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