bookmark_borderInstall PHP on Windows 10 – Step by step

This step-by-step guide will explain to you how to manually install PHP on Windows 10. After that, you can use it to install PHP on your computer and test websites and applications on your local host or set it up on a remote server. If you have already moved to Windows 11, the steps will be the same, so you could still use this guide. 

Step 1: Download PHP from the official site.

You will need to visit the official site of PHP.

There, in the Download tab, you will see the different versions. Get the latest Stable PHP version. At the moment, this is PHP 8.1.1. 

Click on the “Windows downloads”, and then you will see all of the versions for Windows. Find the right one based on the architecture of your processor – 64bit (x64) or 32bit (x86). If you are not sure, press the Start button, type ”System information”, and open the application. It will show you the answer.

Click on the Zip archive (Thread safe) and download it. 

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